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Where Your Imagination Can Bring Stories To Life

My toddler loves this! This is such a unique concept, she loved seeing a story about herself come to life. She was particularly a fan of “The Seasons Symphony” story.

Mykala B. (App Store)

This app is wonderful. It allows a child's imagination to run free, giving their stories color and depth. The creator of this amazing app is a child at heart.

Lori H. (Play Store)

As a parent, I couldn't be more thrilled with this app! I simply describe the basic plot, characters, and setting of the story, and the app generates a complete children's story!

Avigadro (App Store)

Disclaimer: Our inonino app uses artificial intelligence (AI) to safely create and moderate stories, ensuring it's engaging, educational, and compliant with child safety standards in mind. While we prioritize creating a kid-safe environment, we know that AI isn't perfect, that's why we make sure that parents or guardians of kids supervise and manage their child's activities on inonino. This collaborative approach helps us maintain a safe, secure and enriching experience for all of our users.