User Guidelines

Last Updated: May 20th, 2024.

Welcome to inonino, a magical world where your imagination can bring stories to life! Below you will find the user's guidelines for using inonino effectively and responsibly.

Account Creation

  • Age Requirement: Users must be 18 or older to create an account. Adult supervision is required for minors to use or access inonino.

Story Creating

  • Getting Started: Once you've signed in to inonino, you can start creating stories using text or voice input.
  • Customizable Options: Enhance your story creation process by choosing a cartoon style and a narration voice.
  • Interactive Features: Play a game that enhances your memory and concentration while your story is being created.
  • Story Reading: Your personalized story will be ready to read in seconds, designed for reading, listening, learning and entertainment all at once.

Story Reading

  • Free Users: Free users can read, listen & interact with upto 5 stories (created by others) each month. Free users can also read, listen & interact with their own created stories an unlimited times.
  • Paid Users: Paid subscribers can read, listen & interact with an unlimited number of stories, whether it was created by themselves or others.

Free Offers

  • Initial Offer: All free users are gifted 10 credits to create a story for free. All free users can also read upto 5 stories (created by others) each month for free. In addition to all of this, all free users can read their own created stories unlimited times for free.
  • Earning Credits: All users can earn 10 credits for free by inviting friends & family to inonino. By gifting 10 credits for free to someone, all users can receive 10 credits for free in return (upto 10 times max). All paid subscribers can also earn an additional 10 credits every time they create an arbitrary number of stories, for every time they read an arbitrary number of stories, for every time they share an arbitrary number of stories and for every time they like an arbitrary number of stories on inonino. These rewards are device-specific and not account-specific so look out for them!

How Credits Work

  • Story Creating: Each story of up to 10 chapters with unique illustrations, background music and narration audio, requires 10 credits to create. In the future, we plan to have the ability to create content in different forms that may require more or less credits (for example: poems).
  • Story Reading, Listening & Interacting: No credits are required for reading, listening or interacting. However, free users can read, listen & interact with upto 5 stories (created by others) each month. Free users can also read, listen & interact with their own created stories an unlimited times.

Sharing and Safety

  • Privacy Focused: External image uploading, sharing or messaging are not allowed on inonino to maintain a kid-safe environment.
  • Anonymity: All story interactions are anonymous and untraceable from other users to harbor a kid-safe environment.
  • Ad-Free Experience: All users can enjoy an uninterrupted storytelling experience without advertisements.
  • Robust Reporting System: All users can report any story for inappropriate content on inonino and our team will remove it swiftly.
  • Global Sharing: Stories created on inonino are automatically available for everyone else to read, which enables adults and children worldwide the ability to read and experience magical stories created by you and other users.

Responsibilities of Parents and Guardians

  • Supervision: Ensure your child's use of inonino is for a positive and age-appropriate storytelling experience.
  • Respect and Enjoyment: Adhere to our guidelines, respect the community, and delight in the storytelling experience.
  • Content Use: All content on inonino is for personal use within the app and not for commercialization purposes by our users. We reserve the right to utilize the content on inonino for any purpose we need, in alignment with our terms.

Compliance with Children's Privacy Laws

  • Legal Compliance: We adhere to the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in the EU, and similar international laws.
  • Policy Updates: Our policies and practices are continuously revised to ensure compliance with the latest children's privacy protection laws.

Prohibited Content

To ensure a safe and positive experience for all users and to ensure a kid-safe environment, inonino restricts the creation of stories on certain topics. The following content when creating or sharing stories on inonino is strictly prohibited & moderated:

  • Commercialization Activities: Content that's intended for promoting a person or company is not allowed. Content that's intended to be commercialized by our users via any other platforms isn't allowed.
  • Illegal Activities: Content that engages in or promotes actions that are unlawful.
  • Harmful Content Toward Minors: Any material such as Child Sexual Abuse Material (CSAM) or content that exploits or harms children. Such cases will be reported to the authorities.
  • Hate Speech and Harassment: Content that incites hate, harassment, or bullying towards individuals based on identity.
  • Violence and Glorification: Stories promoting, glorifying, or celebrating violence and suffering.
  • Cybersecurity Threats: Creating or distributing malware or engaging in cyberattacks.
  • Risky Physical Activities: Discussions on weapons development, military operations, or critical infrastructure sectors.
  • Self-Harm and Eating Disorders: Promoting or detailing self-destructive behavior.
  • Economic Harm: Topics promoting risky financial activities, such as gambling or fraudulent schemes.
  • Service Misuse: Actions that misuse our service, including plagiarism, scams, or academic dishonesty.
  • Misinformation and Spam: Distributing false information or spam, including promotion of unverified medical treatments.
  • Sexually Explicit Content: Material that is sexually explicit or promotes sexual services, excluding educational content.
  • Political Content: Extensive political discussions or campaign materials.
  • Privacy Violations: Unauthorized use of tracking, facial recognition, or biometric data.
  • Unqualified Advice: Providing legal, financial, or medical advice where professional consultation is required.
  • Sensitive Topics: Topics on law enforcement, criminal justice, migration, or asylum that are beyond our service scope.

Account Management

  • Deletion of Account: You may delete your account at any time via app settings, which will remove all personal data. Note: Cancel any active subscriptions through Google Play or the Apple App Store separately.


By using inonino, you contribute to spreading the joy of reading and learning globally. Let's create awesome stories together!

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Disclaimer: Our inonino app uses artificial intelligence (AI) to safely create and moderate stories, ensuring it's engaging, educational, and compliant with child safety standards in mind. While we prioritize creating a kid-safe environment, we know that AI isn't perfect, that's why we make sure that parents or guardians of kids supervise and manage their child's activities on inonino. This collaborative approach helps us maintain a safe, secure and enriching experience for all of our users.